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how to use ECC6/S4Hana ME51N / ME21N catalog function

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Hi All,

understand that SRM7-mdm can provide the solution where user click the catalog button, it will send them to the srm-mdm for catalog selection from multi vendors for their materials and services.

however, we are not going to use srm-mdm solutions, so what's the other options available where user can choose the materials and services and have the info pass back to SAP with their material/service master data and the relevant contract maintained in sap?

is there any heavy customization like abap that needs to be done for this, i tried searching around and didn't found any answers, most recommend to use srm-mdm instead.

please help and thanks alot.

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there is no MDM etc. you have to use the x-catalog-search....

simply set up an internal catalog as a dummy in the web services, e.g. "InternalCatalog".

then use "manage catalog items" to create your internal catalogue

make sure to activate the ESH for x-catalog search and use the "search" field in the app above.

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What do u mean by Activate the ESH for X catalog ..: can you tell me the path

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tx ESH_COCKPIT > Button: Modeler > Software component: SAPAPPLH > MM > MM_PUR > MM_PUR_REQ

Choose action Create connector for each of these search templates

MM_PUR_CTLG_SRHSearch Results Model (Catalog Item Main Data)

MM_PUR_CTLG_ATTCHImages and Attachments



MM_PUR_CTLG_PRC_CONConverted Price Data (Prices in Different Exchange Rates)


tx SM37, wait for background job to finish

Tx ESH_TEST_SEARCH and check connectors above

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Hi All,

We are also facing some problem while configuring Self Service Procurement process in S4 HANA. We are using step by step guide of Self Service Procurement configuration, we stuck at "Configure Cross Catalog Search" configuration. As a pre-requisite, below details are mentioned in note. My question is how to set up catalogs ? Where to see whether SAP CMS is configured or not ? Where to see OCI 5.0 set up details ?

Please Help.


1. Set up catalogs (WebService ID and other settings)

2. Configure SAP CMS (Content Management Service) for loading images/attachments

3. Catalog data is available in OCI 5.0 format as a JSON file or through HTTP service from your catalog partner

To process the data perform the following steps:

1. Catalog Data/Material Master Data Extraction

1. Catalog data (in OCI 5.0 format) is replicated to SAP MM staging tables.

2. If you have material master data, extract the same into SAP MM staging tables.

2. Index the data to be made available for cross-catalog search The settings required for the above steps are explained in details in the sections below.



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Hi There,

You can use an OCI compliant catalog, use of SRM-MDM catalog is only suggested as it is more tried and tested combination with the OCI interface expecially if you decide to use Secure OCI variant.

If you look for the OCI 5.0 specification it will provide you the details of what the catalog interface expects in return from the electronic catalog, normally a HTML form or XML form with return data in the form of something like ~


Etc, this information is parsed by the WSI_IMPORT_DATA function and moved into the correct format for the calling system.


I suggest you access the Fiori App Create Purchase Requisition at Employee Self-Services.

There, you will see the option to process your cart by selecting some calatogs.

I recommend you read tha the Configuration Cookbook (attached at SAP Note 2214564). There you can see the set up for Catalog Data using SSP in wich you can use standard, Ariba or 3rd party catalog.

I don't about the technical requirements ( I am functional Consultant), however the information above can be helpfull for you.

Let us know if you find something else about this topic.


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Could you help me, i have same problem.

But after create Purchase Req., Function catalogs is not active. And no data for

I use internal catalog, and me needs search in table MMPUR_CAT_ITM.

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pls untick Hide search bar in

mm - PR - SSP - Define settings for cross catalog search

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In 1610 I found the app Settings for WebServices (F1994). See the link below'F1994')/S6OP

Maybe you can connect catalog using this app.

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Have you read about Self Service Procurement for S/4 HANA? It will replace the ERP Shopping Cart functionality and you can conect several catalogs.

See the notes:

  • 2228249 - S/4HANA Simplification: Deprecation of ERP Shopping Cart
  • 2271168 - S4TWL - ERP Shopping Cart
  • 2214564 - Configuration guide for Self Service Procurement scenario in S4HANA
  • 2251946 - Informational note about migration of SAP SRM shopping carts to SAP S4 HANA SSP

Self Service Procurement was launched for S/4 HANA on-premisse 1511.

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seems like it doesn't help, i went through notes and found nothing useful. i need to create a customize and develop a catalog within s4 hana itself so that when user click the 'catalog' button, it will pop up the catalog for their selection of suppliers,materials,services,price,uom,qty and with relevant contract details(if available in me33k).

once the buyer has selected the items into the cart and click order/confirm, the data will be auto populated back into the ME51N screen.

for such requirements, i would need the below help(i presume?)

- a java expert to create the customize catalog into something that look like a e-comm website(ebay,amazon.etc)

- a abap expert to create a upload program to update the catalog details(supplier,materials,services,pricing..etc) into the java catalog..and also the interface between the java catalog how to populate the data from the catalog selected items in shopping cart back into ME51N.

is there anything else that i missed out above? i searched high and low around the forum and there's not much topics on this for, most are talking on using srm-mdm or other 3rd party applications. thank you very much.