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How to update the fields in Coding Block(PSG) of a Settlement rule in WBS element ( CJ20N t-code)

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Hi All,

I have implemented an implicit enhancement in VA01 t-code to create a Project Definition and 2 Levels of WBS elements using BAPI_2054_CREATE_MULTI. The Project Definition and WBS elements are created successfully.

Further i have used FM K_SRULE_SAVE_UTASK to create an Settlement rule in a WBS Element. This also is created successfully, as shown below.

But now my extended requirement is to pass Sales order Number and Item number in the Profitabilitiy Segment( Coding Block ) as shown below.

By click of the button on Profitability Segment, we get the second screen shown below.

All this should happen through the implicit enhancement itself. Please suggest if there is any FM/BAPI or any other solution. <content removed by SAP Community moderator>

Thanks & Regards


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