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How to update custom fields exceeding 960 characters in BAPI "BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE"

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Hi team,

We are using the two function modules "BAPI_PS_INITIALIZATION" and "BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE" to update the Custom enhancement of Project in Tcode CJ20N.

There is variant "BAPI_Customfields_update" for FM 'BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE'.

Our custom fields are exceeding 960 characters(Valuepart1,2,3,4) in Extension parameter of BAPI "BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE" and we are using the structure 'BAPI_TE_PROJECT_DEFINITION'.

How to update custom fields exceeding 960 characters in BAPI "BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE"?

Could you please advise?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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1. Create a custom structure that can hold the values of your custom fields. This structure should have a data type that supports more than 960 characters, such as STRING or TEXT.

2. Modify the structure 'BAPI_TE_PROJECT_DEFINITION' to include an additional field of the custom structure you created in the previous step. You can do this by enhancing the structure using the Enhancement Framework (transaction SE11).

3. In the Extension parameter of the BAPI "BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE", pass the values of your custom fields in the newly added field of the enhanced structure.

4. Inside the BAPI implementation, you will need to handle the custom fields accordingly. You can access the values of the custom fields from the enhanced structure and update them in the relevant tables or fields in the project definition.

However, my concerns is that if you can estimate the impact of this change? Because some other scenarios or objects might also refer to this field.

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Sorry... but this way is not working since sap note 3164503: Support maintenance of custom fields created via the custom fields and logic app in the pro...

BAPI_BUS2001_CHANGE is currently useless for update of customer fields.

See attached screen...

If you filled the extensionIn with the old structure, you passed the first check, ok

but at the end only with the new logic (based on xml) the values of customer fields can be insert into update structure (line 258)

Can you forward this to support team?