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How to Update BP Address ?

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Hi all,

I have a BP with billto(0) & shipto(1) address in SAP . Now i want to update this BP with new billto & shipto address.when i assing set currentline value 2 and 3 using BP object then its show exception 'Invalid Row'

plz help me how to add new address in BP ?

thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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You do not use set current row, setcurrentrow is only for existing addresses

If you want to add a new address, you use

oBusinessPartner.BPAddresses.Add() - 'this creates a new empty row, and sets the object to this row
'here set all the details
'street, block, country etc

'now add another
'set the details for the second one

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I think to add new you just need to leave the line number blank