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How to transfer the cheque receipt balance to cash receipts IN FBCJ

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How to transfer the  cheque receipt balance to cash receipts IN FBCJ ?

How i have to post this in cash journal.

in cash journal we are having cash payments, cash receipts, and check receipts tabs,

in check receipts i am posting by selecting one business transaction , that amount added to closing balance.

but while i am doing cash payment ,system gives an error message as no cash available for cash payment,

in cash there of column the amount was posted.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Rayasam,

FBCJ can be used for cheque receipts.

The procedure is as follows:

After clicking on Cheque Receipts

1.Select the Business Transaction

2. Enter the Amount

3.Enter Tax Code if any

4.Enter Cheque Number

5.Enter name of Cheque Issuer

6.Enter  Bank Key

7.Can write narration in Addl Text1 (provided Text is already made use for any other purpose like spl gl etc.,)

8.Now select the row and click save button and the total cheque receipts one can see in the balance display under total cheque receipts. 

9.Now one can post the document by selecting the post icon.  Now again select the row and click the present checks icon. 

10.Now select the business transaction Payment to Bank Enter GL Account Now save lot.  Now you can take the print by giving the output device LP01 etc.,

11.Now cllick on print preview.  Now click back button on the top of the screen.  Now deactivate the first row and activate the payment to bank row. 

12.Now you can see that the check lot is posted successfully.  Since we have already deposited the cheques into the bank the balance in total check receipts is zero.



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Hi Vishnu ,

The procedure you followed to post the cash receipt through check in FBCJ is correct . you can check on posting date for cash payment and closing balance on the same .

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Dear All,

please any one explain the utilization of this cheque receipt balance for payment in fbcj.

Thanks in Advance.



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Hi Vishnu,

Please refer below link:

Both the above link have explained the use of Cheque Receipt tab clearly.


Jaymin R. Bhatt