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How to ship back subcontracting materials from vendors to company .

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Our client is delivering subcontracting materials to vendors using ME2O transaction .

She is asking me how can I ship back materials from vendors to company .

Example :

Shipped 236.C from company to vendor .

Now we need to ship back 236.K from vendor to company .

Could you brief me T codes to be used and entire process in step by step .

Thanks In Advance

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hi jaya

check whether these points will help you

Item category: L

Order type: NB

In info record vendor should be maintained as subcontractor.

Vendor (Subcontractor) receives the components used to manufacture a finished product directly from your company or through third party.

Your company should place a purchase order for the finished product. In this manually you can enter the required individual components or it can be determined via the explosion of BOM (if exists).

Stock check at vendor level: ME2O

Company stock check: MMBE

GR for individual components through movement type: 501 or 561 (if with out PO or without reference).

GI to subcontracting vendor: through movement type 541.

GR from sub contracting vendor: through movement type: 101

Movement type 543 is displayed to cancel the material cost account.

If the subcontracting order has to be generated through materials planning,the special procurement key has to be set in MRP 2 screen.



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Hey thanks for descriptive information

My requirement is how to ship back the materials from vendor to company , what T code I have to use and what are the process need I to do plz .........step by step .?