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How to send to SAP a Kanban Empty pulse from an External Warehouse system

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Hi Gurus

MY company use from some years an external (no SAP) WM system, using RF technology, This system was implemented before SAP released RFcapabilities with 4.6 release. This external system can create Idocs and send it to SAP using SAP Business- connector to permit a fully integration between teh two systems. Now I want set-up on teh Warehouse external system soem Kanban features, starting from the Kanban Empty pulse (PKBC transaction in SAP).

My question is very easy: Does exist an Idoc, which permit to receive this pulse from an external system and perform automatically teh operation on SAP ???

If the Idoc doesn't exist. Is there in your opinion another way to solve this issue.

Thanks in advabnce for your help !!!


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were you able to solve the requirement? i have the same issue now... 😞

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Hi Claudio,

You have the option of using BAPIs instead of Idocs.

To change Kanban status there are 2 BAPIs:

BAPI_KANBAN_CHANGESTATUS (up to release 700), or

BAPI_KANBAN_CHANGESTATUS1 (from release 700).

BAPIs can be used also as WEB Services and called this way from other systems.



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Hi Mario

Thank-you very much for your replay.

Because my External system send and receive to/fron SAP IDOCs via SAP Business connector, I'd like to use the same technique, to generate on the external warehouse system a Kanban Empty Impulse, create an Idoc and send it to SAP.

When SAP will receive the IDOC, it shloud be update the Kanban status from Full to Empy.

We know this technology and we'd like to use teh same way for this additional feature to our Esternal Warehouse management system. Do you think is it possbile ???

Thanks in advance for cooperation.