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How to see which pricing table is used in pricing for a sales org

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we have four different condition type ( ZACG, ZVAT, ZECC,ZECO). each of these condition types uses at least 4-5 tables in its access seq. some tables can be same across these four conditions or same can be different.

I need to know which of these tables for these condition types applied in pricing for a particular sales org ?

Looking at each individual table is not possible since if some table has a customer a key field, then it will take many hrs since there are hunderds of customers.

I only want to use a standard report and not a Z report . Could you pls advice ?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sachin,

V/LA will let you create your own report.(use v/ld to execute). You'll be able to select sales org as an input/output field and it should be fast enough for you. This setup runs on key fields and will not give you pricing information.


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A standard report cannot provide you this information. Lots of joins are relevant here:

* Finding the relevant pricing procedures for your sales org (t-code OVKK)

* Getting which of these condition types are relevant for those (table T683S)

* Getting condition table names for these condition type's access sequences (Have a look at this thread )

* Search from those condition tables from SE16 for your logic.

This should not take too much time for an SD consultant.