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How to see sold-to party changes in order level

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One of the user has changed customer name for sold-to party in order->partners multiple times as shown below.

Is there any way from which we can see who & at what time these changes are made. It will not be in Environment->Changes.

If we double click on any of the partner function we will get the pop-up shown below.


Dattatreya N R

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Answers (5)

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Dear Dattatreya,

To list sales order  for Address changes and user ID & Time

1. Use Table: VBPA

(filter the VBPA-ADRDA = "E") take all the address number - standard starts... Viz. 9000000024

2. Add text - "SD01" with address number = SD019000000024

3. Pass the Value in Table-  CDHDR

CDHDR-CDOBJECTV = SD019000000024 (object value)

System will display user ID created by, Date & Time



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Hello Dattatreya,

As far as my understanding goes it is not possible to check all the changes made to the customer master address during sales order processing.

How system works:

Whenever we create a customer master system stores the address of that customer with a number under the "ADRNR" field and this number can be found in KNA1 table.

The address is stored in ADRC table.

Now when we key in your customer master in the sales order system automatically copies the address maintained in the customer master based on this ADRNR field from KNA1 table, and any changes made to the customer master address at order level creates a new ADRNR field number and this can be checked in VBPA.

You can take this ADRNR number and check the address in ADRC table how ever it will only show the latest address and doesn't display all the changes made.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regrads

Naveen K.

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it must be in Environment-Changes. run VA03 for your order and go to Environment - Changes.

Try again with the following parameters (just put your order number):

I've just tested this scenario in tst system and it worked - I saw Old and New values for my sold-to party account, who changed and when.

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  if it's not recorded in Order changes, probably it was made during the Sales Order creation, so it should be the user stored in field VBAK-ERNAM.

Best regards,


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The changes are not recorded in SAP.So you will not get details of changes.