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How to reverse an ERS invoice?

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Hi all,

I need some advice as to what is the proper way of reversing an ERS invoice. Example. I have a purchase order which the invoice was generated via ERS. Later we realized that the GR we have done was incorrect. Invoice has been issued for that GR. The FI went ahead to create a credit memo via MIRO and then the warehouse people have reverse the GR.

Is this the correct way? I did testing. When I tried to reverse the GR without cancelling the invoice, I will receive an error message that says Deficit of PU IR quantity 1.000 CRT.

Then I tried cancelling the invoice via MR8M but the system Igives me a meesage saying nvoice doc. 5105614721/2008 was created via evaluated receipt settlement

I read through some forums and some have advised that we can set the indicator at this setting SPRO-> Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice. I am not able to set this indicator as the client's environment will not allow me to do so.

Appreciate any advice.

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Hi al,

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it loads. However I cannot fix that indicator. Is there a workaround? Business wise we will need to reverse the invoice first before we can perform the goods reversal. Finance here are quite strict and stringent.

I am able to create a credit memo manually and then reverse the GR, however now, when I run the mRRL, the program will create an invoice with zero value. How can I avoid this? ANy ideas?

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MR8M will not work.

The other way to do this would be to reverse the GR manually (mvt 162) and then run MRRL again to post an invoice cancellation document that can be sent to the vendor. For this to work though, the 'Rev GR despite IR' flag needs to be set for mvt 162 in OMBZ (config). Also before setting this flag, you need to ensure that this does not affect other non-ERS returns using mvt 162.

Reference. stated in

Credit memos can also be created using ERS: if an invoice has already been posted for a goods receipt and goods have since been returned, the system automatically generates a credit memo for the returned quantity during the next ERS run.



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SPRO-> Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> For GR-Based IV

This setting is to be performed in the Developemnt client as it is a customized setting which will create a Transportable request whcih can then be transferred to the Production environment after testing.

An ERS invoice cannot be cancelled using MR8M, you need to reverse the GR then perform the ERS settlement whcih will create a credit memo. After that you can perform normal operations.

Thanks & Regards


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Do a return receipt with mvt 122 for the above GR, also do a new GR, while doing the MRRL for the 2nd time, another Invoice Document is created which cancels the earlier ERS invoice