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How to relate GL transactions from BSIS/BSAS to related transactions in BSIK/BSAK and then in BSEG

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I'm totally new to this and I'm trying to help someone, please bear with me if I don't make sense.

Trying to create a CASH Outflow report with vendor transaction detalis, I'm getting some extra records that I shouldn't be. Here is what is being done

a) currently have code that builds an internal table from BSIS/BSAS data based on company code, fiscal year

b) Then use (a) to look up corresponding records from BSIK/BSAK matching against year, company code, BELNR and LIFNR (non-empty).

c) And Finally use the data from (b) to lookup BSEG data for transactions that match AUGBL, DMBTR, ZUONR (and ofcourse standard Year, code etc...) to pull up vendor transaction details.

In Step c, it is pulling extra transactions because in some cases AUGBL is empty and we can't seem to find any other criteria that will exclude the accounts.

My primary question is - is this a good way to build cashflow report with vendor transaction details, if not is there a standard way to do this(I think the standard SAP cash outflow doesn't provide PO detalis which is what is needed).?

Second: If this is acceptable approach, are there criteria that will pull cross referenced transactions more robustly than what is being above?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Narmi,

Linking BSIS/BSAS & BSIK/BSAK tables sounds much like Liquidity Planner.

Check out this link with your Business Consultant and let me know if this fullfills your requirement.

Kind Regards

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