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How to refer to the previous time pair on a TIP table - negative time recording

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I am building a new set of rules for a specific employee population. This is using negative time recording. I have a scenario that I would appreciate some assistance with.

Employees record their overtime based on each task they complete (as they add notes in the time booking).

Sometimes this is when they are on standby and they will get a call out for doing these tasks.

If they do multiple tasks with breaks between them they will get multiple call out payments. However, if there is no gap between the end of one task and the start of the next task they should only get one call out

For example (TIP table):

From To 1 P ID CT P TTyp O Number

10.5000 11.5000 0 3 01 00 ( 1300 P 1.0000
11.5000 13.5000 0 3 01 00 ( 1300 P 2.0000

In this example there should only be one call out paid as there is no gap between the time recordings.

If the 2nd time recording was to start from 11:7500 then 2 call outs should be paid.

My issue is that I can't stop the 2nd call out being generated. How do I (can I?) refer to the previous line in the TIP table to prevent the 2nd call out from being generated?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply Volker.

In case you are interested, I have achieved it by creating a couple of PCR's that generate time types.

Time Type A is a call out counter.

Time Type B stores the end time of the previous time type (so it replaces at the end of the each calculation).

Therefore, before the first time pair goes through the calculations these PCRs generate Time Type A = 0 and the Time Type B = SNTE.

The first time pair is processed and refers to both Time Types. If Time Type B is the same as SNTE no call out is generated and Time Type B is updated to the end of that time pair.

The second time pair is processed and refers to the new value in Time Type B. If this is the same, no call out. If there is a gap, checks are done against Time Type A and data held in Availability (IT2004) and if conditions are correct a call out is generated. Time Type B is updated.

The third time pair is then accessed etc...

Seems to work 🙂

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you could loop at your time table and check if the FROM-time of the actual record eaqual to the (saved) TO time of the previous record:


LOOP AT TIP-table.


* no new call




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hello, you may use infotype-2004 to meet your requirement.