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How to redetermine Ship to Party Text in Sales order item level

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I have a requirement where the item text should get re-determined in a Sales order created by referencing another sales order

Text should get redetermined in the Sales order item level with the different KNVV Ship to party entered in the newly created sales order

Currently the user has to change the text every time in the new sales order in line with a new Ship to party text maintained in customer master

Here a Sales order Y is created by referencing another sales order X and  at the time of creation only the ship to party is changed in Sales order Y.

The item text in the text type ABC also gets copied from the reference sales doc (Which is coming from the ship to party of first sales order)

I am looking for a solution from this expert SAP SD group to map this requirement

Thanks in advance


Suman Jha

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In standard, text redetermination will happen only if SP is changed and not SH.  To achieve your requirement, you have to try with Function Module  RV_TEXT_COPY.  Have a look at OSS note 548615 Q5 which explains this.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Uncheck refer/duplicate in text determination procedure.


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Hello Suman,

As per my understand to achieve your requirement there should be some config changes in Text determination Procedure for respective Sales Doc type.

I believe Text ID which is assign to Text determination Procedure of Follow up sales order required some changes, There is a filed Reference/ Duplicate field that should be unchecked. 

Additionally Text determination procedure should assign to new ship to party if required.


Prashant  sharma