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How to print component wise Arrears while printing Salary Slip / Salary Reg

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We are facing problem while printing salary slip and salary register for printing Arrears

Requirement is as follows:

When back dated increment are given, thru system with retro it will calculate calculates arrers and gves desire result. We want to print component wise arrears in Salary Slip and salary Register.

For E.g Basic Salary of Employee for April is Rs. 10,000

HRA Rs. 4,000

In month of May salary is revised with effective from April.

Basic Salary of Employee for May is Rs. 12,000

HRA Rs. 4,800

Arrears will be ( 2000 + 800 ) Rs. 2,800

We like to have break up of arrears as Rs. 2000 towards basic and Rs. 800 towards HRA for April

Does system stores in May month RT table or some where else

Where Data is stored and how to retrieve

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Answers (5)

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reply from Srijit Menon was helpful in locating the problem area. It helped in addressing requirement

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If you are using developed for the Payslip then ask Dveloper to get the details using this Function module HR99L00_GET_RETRO_MONTH_DIFF. If you are using Remuneration statement configured from PE51 then you can display it by using Layout of retroactive runs Value as D in the remuneration statement selection screen.

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Hello Sohail Ibjee

Thanks for your input. This what i was looking for.

I was working in same direction but your input has addressed my requirement without any programming.

Thanks a lot.



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once Arrers were executived those value can seen in the "Z " Wagetype.. (These WT are Generated byb the System only)

Add those wagetype to your Salary slip/ REg..

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U would have to copy the PCR's IN42,IN43 & IN44 to Z PCR's.

Then you would have to replace the Std PCR's IN42 , IN43, IN44 With the respective Z Pcr's u have configured in the Payroll Schema you are using...

Also include the B/F wage types , in the payslip ( Pe51 ) for reflecting the Arrear wage types in payslip


Srijit R Menon

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For this you need to configure carry forward and brought forward WTs. You can configure PC rule IN42, IN43 and IN44 to calculate the difference (component wise) and pass on the difference to some other dummy WTs (carry forward WTs for each component). Check documentation of these rules for more information.

Once the above rules are changed, these carry forward WTs will be available in the RT which can easily be displayed in payslip.

Hope this helps.


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As No. of Earning head are many we want to void creating additional Wage type

Someone was quoting that SAP has required data as we get consolidated arrears in RT table and it also stores in respective month RT table.

How to retireve those data instead of creating new wage type.

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To retrieve the data in to the Payslip through PE51....u are reading RT table of the current month.....for period current month , in period - current month..

For that u have to get the distinguished wage types carrying the Arrears amount for each wage type .,

which is only possible by the above mentioned PCR's

that is u would have to create 2 wage types for each wage type , 1) c/f Wage type 2) B/F wage type

u can get some SAP standard wage types already...take a look @ /ABS & /ZBS configured for Std MB10