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how to post unplanned depreciation auto

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Hi Master,

I have posted unplanned depreciation for current Year 1.  But for year 2 and year 3 the "Plan depreciation" is not based on the cost instead of using the net book value to derive the month depreciation.

Cost: 3600.00

Useful life:  3years/36 month = 100pm

In year 1 (posted the unplanned deprecation for 300 Tran Type 650)

Total depreciation 100*12=1200+300=1500

In year 2 the plan depreciation is not the same if compared to year 1. The system is using NBV (2100) divide remaining years. 

Year 2 Total depreciation = $1050 (by right should be $1200)

Year 3 up to Sep'23 Total depreciation = $1050 (by right should be $900)

Does that mean for year 2 and year 3 need to post unplanned depreciation to make up of ($1050+$150=$1200).

How to post unplanned depreciation by period $12.50x12=$150

Kindly assist me the correct way of doing. 

Thanks for your kind attention.



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