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How to Merge multiple company codes into one?

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Dear Team, 

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Scenario: Let’s say in my current client we have three company codes CC02, CC03, CC04 and we want to merge these company codes to CC01 because these three companies are acquired by our client about 4 years ago and since then they have there own process smoothly mapped in SAP S4 HANA along with there own plants and other organizational elements.

According to the new requirements now they want to “merge” there company codes to CC01 below are the 2 approaches and there implications mentioned

Approach 1. Replicate all the plants in CC02, CC03, CC04 and relevant org. elements and assign them to CC01


  • material master, vendor master, and customer master activity
  • authorization related activity
  • all the Z enhancements need to be modified along with API integration.

Approach 2. Take the list of all the plants delete the assignment of the current company code and assign it to the CC01 and the same needs to with the purchase organization.


  • For the plants in omx1 activate material ledger and price determination again as it was before
  • In OMDW assign valuation grp code to plant and company code combination again as it was before

Query: I am thinking about Approach 2 please let me know your thoughts on this approach, I already did the P to P cycle with this approach, and accounting is coming correctly also let me know your experience if anyone else implemented this, and let me know what documentation needs to be done in this before the actual configuration





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