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How to Mendatory Material Documents number for 202 movement type

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Hi Expert !!

Need your help.

Movement Type '''''''' 202 -Consumption for cost center from warehouse - reversal

But I am Creating a New Material and material Type Spears Part.I am Completing a transaction T-code: MIGO (Transaction Event Maintain Goods Received & Reference Documents Maintained R10 Others and Movement type maintained 202)

While doing Migo with movement type 202 but the system did not want to issue a Material document number for reverse quantity and after the Transaction was automatically added to unrestricted Stock but I am not creating goods issue transection 201. How can I stop it? When I give 202 Movement type then Material Document (Goods Issue Doc.) must be a Needed to Material document mandatory Moreover, 202 should not be done. That means we are transaction MIGO and Choose Issue documents A03 Cancil and R02 Reference documents input there. Without the material document number, no Movement type will pass 202.

How can I maintain that if I give 202 Movement type I can't post without Material documents no

I want to make the restriction for Movement type 202 by the material document.

The user should only be able to do the 202 Movement type with reference to 201 Movement only.

M.G Rabbani

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