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How to map a requirement for a cement manufacturing

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Hi All,

I have a requirement from a client, this client is into cement manufacturing , and they have a special process which they call it projects.

The scenario is

Sometimes in the projects  , the client will set up a  cement mixing processing unit (which they called it plant)   next to the customer site itself.  and will use this  processing unit  as dedicated plant only for that particular customer.

Once the  projects is completed  they will bill all the expenses to the customer and dissolve the plant.

During this project process , they will maintain inventories like sand, gravel and cement also , and in some situations,  the client will give option to the customer , if the customer insists that if the price of the  sand , gravel or cement which is quoted by the client is more than the customer will say I  have the  gravel which is much lesser than your quote,  so I want to use the gravel  which will be provided by me ( customer)  the rest you give (client).

In the above cases how the requirement can be mapped  like how the  cement mixing unit can be  kept for only a particular projects and then dissolve it and how to maintain the inventories during this period and later dissolve it.

How this can be mapped in  SAP -SD ? or do we need to implement  PS module .

Please suggest as the client is not going for PS module as off now.



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Answers (2)

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Hello Kumaresh,

I agree with Kivanc, Consignment Process suits best given the business situation you have listed above.

Another option could be creating a separate Plant (with address at Customer location) and transfer the stock to this special plant, so that they can be easily tracked.

But my first preference would be Consignment Process.


Jignesh Mehta

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How about mapping it as consignment process? Track the inventory as consignment stock, and after project completion, bill the items accordingly.