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How to make total order quantity field not modifiable

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Hi PP Gurus

I have next requirement, when I process order is released is not possible to modify total order quantity, is there any customizing point to do it? Maybe by an object in BS22?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please follow the steps as given below

1. Create a status profile Eg: s1 usng t.code bs02.

2. Enter status no. as 1, status as CRTD, a description, tick Initial status & lower status no. as 1 & higher status no. as 2.

3.In the second line enter status no. as 2, status as REL, a description, & lower status no. as 1 & higher status no. as 3.

4.Choose Object type tab.

5. Choose PP/PM: Order header.(tick)

6.Then come back to main screen & double click REL.

7.Click the create icon in the top.

8.Choose Release & then choose radio button under SET.

9.Then come back to main screen & again double click REL & then choose create & select change & check the radio button under FORBID & then save.

10. In t.code OPJH(order type), choose your order type & then assign the status profile( Eg:S1)

11.Now convert the planned order into production order.Release the order & save. Further changes cannot be made in the production order.

Check with this & revert.



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Hello Brahmankar

Really excellent

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi R.Brahmankar

Thanks for the answer but I think that is more or less the same that in BS22.

In that t-code if you click in REL you see all business transaction forn REL and it influenced in all of them, business transaction RMVA is 'change of order' and if you check the radio button under FORBID is not possible to change order if is REL.

But I only want not allow to modify total order quantity