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how to make partial payment first by partial payment and the by residual item

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I have posted an invoice with value 1000 then partial paid 200 using paritial payment and now i want to post another payment of 200 using residual item but now system disallows me and when i configured the payment difference account, system is adjusting 1000 rs against vendor and posting 200 for vendor in separate couple of line.Why is it happening

cash a/c200
payment diff a/c1000



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Answers (1)

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H Khagesh,

Why do you need to config the different account?

And I don't undertand the reson why you post the payment for Vendor, it means Credit Cash account (negative amount),so you wrote that positive cash amount?

With Residual payment, you fill in the remaining amount.

In this case, if you only active invoice item (1000$), you only need to enter amount -800$, the entry will be balance.

If you still got error, please share the screenshot for us!