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How to handle scrap occured during processing

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Hi all,

I am facing problem with handling the scrap occured during processing. The case here is i want to scrap the material eg ABC, and want to sell the same material with different material no., unit of measurement.

The present process is as below,

The scrap occured during process is been collected & is scraped using Tcode MB1A, with movement type 551 or is added in the scrap feild during confirmation CO15. As per my knowledge this scrap is accounted against the costcenter and then it is out of the system. Now in order to sell the scrap the same scrap with new material loaded back in the system using movement type 501. The same is been sold.

Requirement is that i want the link between the scrap & the scrap been sold.

Want to avoid movement 551 & 501, which is in practice rt now.

The same process is followed from past 5 months. So we cant go with the option of Byproduct / phantom assembly as we need to change all master data.

Can some one suggest me how to go about it, its urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Answers (2)

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Transfer material to material say from eg. ABC to material type waste which will be in stock and from that you can sales the scrap material

movement type is 309

by transferring material to material you can devaluate the material , by doing this you can have new UOM and lower price for scrap material



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Kindly check if the 309 mvt type works with different unit of measure >?

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we will take a simple scenario - decide if this helps you

1. Input RM1 and RM2 (both rawmaterials to produce a finished goods(fg))


2. Now one scrap is produced -wecan call it as SC1

3. your bom shoudl have positive entries for the RM1 ,RM2 -which will be consumed during the production confirmation

4. the SC1 the scrap material needs to have a negateive qty in the BOM which will be getting produced with 531 movement type

5. so this scrap will be avilable in scrap and the same can be sold and processed futher

this is one of the best practiices if

a. know what qty of scrap willbe produced

b. if we have diffeent material number for scrap ..

In another case if u need to sell the same material then keep the same material with the negative qty in the bom so the same material will be produced with 531 mvt type.

Thansk and regards..