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How to handle document addresses

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By creatin a order I have to pass a Code of a BPAddress for shipping and payment address.

Does anybody knows how and where is this order address actually stored?

I guess this address is not only stored in the BPAdress (this would be good) but copied during the order creation process to another place?

In the UI I can change the BPAdress to newer values and still have the "old" values related in the order view. But if I click on the reference link it shows the new values from the BPAdress. This seems OK in my business understanding.

Can anybody confirm that an address of an order will never change automatically after placing an order and changing the BPAddress afterwards?

Thank you for your help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Heiko,

You´re right. When a ship to address is selected in an order, the whole address is stored in the ORDR table. Exactly in Address and Address2 fields.

If you change the BPAddress, this wont change the addresses which are already created. Furthermore, if you change the BPAddress, and then create a delivery based on an order which has the old address, it will copy the old address into the delivery (unless you change it.).

Hope helps,

Ibai Peñ

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Thank you, this sounds good as I expected

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