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How to get started with SBO

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I am a newcomer to this forum. Although, my knowledge is mainly limited to SAP R/3, I like advice on how to get started on SBO? Appreciate if someone can help with the following:

1. Do I need to purchase SBO before I can get started? if yes, what version?

2. What is the minimum license requirements?

3. What platform is SBO most commonly running on.

4. Does SBO work with Netweaver?

That's all for the time being.

Thanks and regards

David Wong

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Answers (2)

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Hi David,

1) There is an evaluation copy of SBO that runs for 30 days without a license on a demo company.

2) If you need a fully licensed, fully functional version then the minimum is a single professional user.

3) My own anecdotal evidence would point to SQL Server being the most popular but I've never seen official figures.

4) I believe there is an integration option that allows SBO to communicate to A1/R3 through Netweaver. However, if you mean can you enhance the functionality of SBO using Netweaver then the answer is no. SBO has its own SDK based on COM objects and is typically used in combination with VB .NET or C# to write add-ons (although any COM compliant language can be used).

Hope this helps,


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Thank you so much!

Any idea how much it would cost to purchase a professional license of one?


David Wong

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Product and Topic Expert
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There is an e-learning section here on SDN, you can start

with this. If you are interested in integration with R/3

systems you can also browse for SAP Business One Integration Technology.