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How to find the trigger point for Service Consumer when Return Sales Order is being saved?

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Hi Experts,

I'm new to the SPROXY concept. Please guide me through the below scenario.

Whenever I'm creating the Return Sales Order, an outbound was triggering automatically in the Service Consumer (CustomerReturnBulkConfimration_Out) from the standard namespace

Screenshot of SXMB_MON

The above scenario is happening every time when I create a Return Sales Order. The expectation is that the above outbound should not be triggered. I couldn't figure out at which point it was triggered while debugging the sales order creation scenario.

I tried to debug it by keeping the breakpoint at the Service Consumer Class Methods below. But it not helped me stop at the breakpoint. I have provided the service Consumer details below.

Service Consumer ABAP Class Method

Thanks in advance,

Looking forward to expertise advise.

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