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How to find the Exchange Rate is being used when we post a Document?

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Hello Expert ,..

I'm very new in SAP-FI

I need your help regarding finding what exchange rate is being used by the system when we post a document.


Local Currency = USD

Foreign Currency = EUR


I post a document in (EUR) with amount 805,54

when i select to display local currency (USD) it gave me amount 1.000

which indicates the Exchange Rate for this transaction is EUR/USD = 1,24140

My question is :

How to find the Exc. Rate EUR/USD = 1,24140 ?

I go to OB08, but i can't find any of this Exc.Rate

Thanks in Advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, all ...

Thanks for the Respons

I used F-02 to post the Document and I have the same Posting Date, Doc. Date, Translation Date which is (01.03.2010)

I go to OB08 again as suggested by Deepa

I found that the Only Exc. Rate with value 1,24140 is :

Exc.Rate Tye = EURX

From = USD

To = EUR

Exc.Rate = /1,24140 (indirect)

Valid From = (01.09.2005)

I still don't understand on how the system choose "EURX"

And why the system choose the "Valid From" (01.09.2005)

since there are several "Valid From" afterward for the same 'EURX"

And it also doesnt match with my Translation Date (01.03.2010)

Please, kindly give me some explanation on this.



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Hello Luna,

There are several possibilities to determined the exchange rate, please refer to my wiky article, that you could find almost all the possibilities:



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Gustavo ,..

Thanks for your information, what a great explanation you got there, ... its very usefull

my problem is closed now, while i'm keep learning about Exchange Rate stuff base on your wiki

Thanks to all other responder

I've rewards points to all of you guys ,..



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Two ways of entering Forex is

-> F-05 - you can enter the exchange rate manually while entering the document.

-> OBA8 - Check if the entry is made or do a click on new entry and assign the new rate


Jithin Mathews

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Please check again In Transaction code OB08 because this is the only place where we maintain currency rates.

Select the line and click on position then give the details from currency to currency.Hope this will help you.



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Which transaction code is being used to post the document?

If you put an exchange rate in the header of the document, it will overwrite OB08 settings.

If you are posting goods receipt, the exchange rate maintained at PO will take place (if you put fixed rate)