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How to enter requirement date of component material in subcontracting process

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Hi All,

I'm doing Subcontracting process Im sending ROH material and getting ROH material,

Im not maintaining BOM.

I have to enter component material manually and what is the exactly requirement date here. requirement date is Subcontractor should should receive material before requirement date..

Please tell me what is the requirement date exactly, how it will calculate

thanks and regards..

ramesh reddy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ramesh,

If BOM is used you will have to enter the dates for the components which will provide you with the requirement date automatically.In the above mentioned scenario you are not using BOM.

Requirement date is the components or the raw material are availiable at your stock on the required date mentioned.

You can determine whether the components are available on the date required by selecting Edit -> Availability check. in the subcontracting order.

Calculation of requirement happens automatically if you use BOM.Else you have to give it manually.


Hope the information is useful.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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When you click the icon components in the Material Data, You will see a Release date and a Document date there, the Document date is the PO Delivery date, and the Release date is the Requirement date of the components, Press F1 on this field of Release date you will see how this date is calculated.