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How to enter negative hours for attendance or ansence in SAP HCM

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Can you please let us know how to enter negative hours in IT2002 (attendance) or IT2001 (absence).

Its throwing an error if we enter negative hours in IT2002/IT2001 ""Specify positive values only"" Message no.00126.

Do we need to change in configuration of tables related to attendance or absence?



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You can not enter negative hours in IT2001 /2002. As no. Of hours in these infotypes are controlled by work schedules. If you need negative hours in time schema then use IT2012.

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Hi Vijay,
Not sure what kind of result you want to get, - if reducing hours is your goal, or it's just the valuated amounts.

In the latter case, you might want to consider entering your absence wagetype with a negative value of hours in IT0015.
Usually, it requires a minimum amount of work as all you need to do is just to allow the wagetype from T554C that's determined in PAB, for entering in IT0015 in T511 (v_511_b, v_t511).

Then, the negative hours are normally evaluated in the rest of the time subschema and you got the negative absence payment.
Please note you won't get an absence split, don't know if it's mandatory in your case.

Kind regards,

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I don't know that there is any possibility to insert negative hours in it2001/2002. Even in hourly-based time recording is for positive values only.

Based on your requirement you should be able to have other workarounds. For example to reduce a time account you should place an absence with positive hours which will decimate the time account in time evaluation.

In that way you should see the absences as "negative hours" and attendance as "psoitive hours".

I hope I could help.

Best, Daniel