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How to do debugging

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I am new to support environment here, i am getting a system generated error while doing the delivery.


"no contract could be found valid on XXXXXXX Plant XXXX Sloc 0000 Val type UT XXXXXXXXX Sales HT CA & MOT"

I know that this is pointing to a table entry that is missing in the system, I don't have any idea what table entry that is missing, how can i go into debugging mode to find out what entry is missing that is throwing this error.

Guys if you have any step by step process of debugging could you send me please.

srinir2009 at g mail com

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Yash,

Please put /h in the command place and press Enter.

Then you could go into the debugging mode.

If you would like to debug an error message, you could set breakpoint at statement Message.

Menu->Breakpoints->breakpoint at->statement->Fill in value "message"

->get info "Breakpoint set"

Then there are two parameters to watch



They are the message class and message number of SAP message.

For example, for error V1427, SY-MSGID is V1 and SY-MSGNO is 427.


There is another way to check a logic for an message.

SE91->Enter the class and number for a message->Display->

There is button called "Where-use list". Here you could find the program which issues the message.

You could also set breakpoint here and it will stop when you process the document.



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Find first program name than put brake point if will be message or any other object then go for Eg. If u r doing in sales order go in va01 and put /H and enter means debugging is started


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Check the contract validity dates ...

for Debugging take the help of your ABAPer

Check teh below link from Google