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How to display smartform in ESS

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I have designed payslip in PE51 and used features like EDTIN, HRFOR and EDPDF to display form in ESS. It is working fine and got the payslip displayed in ESS portal. But now client needs logo on payslip. For that i designed a custom "Z" smartform using T-code SMARTFORMS and assigned the form name in HRFOR. But the form is not displayed in ESS throwing an error "Form doesn't exist". I researched a lot but no help on this. Please help me.

In my research many guys replied only about PE51 and HR forms which every body knows. But my question is there any link to display smartform in ESS through HRFOR feature. Because HRFOR feature calls the program of remuneration statement in PE51. Hence we give constant $CEDT$ (Program --- RPCEDTX0) in HRFOR under ESS. But what should we give constant for smartform (programme -- SAPMSSFO). Is there a way to get inside HRFOR through smartform or should we create a feature. Please through more light on this?

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