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How to derive partner profit center for intercompany AR/AP

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We have recently started using intercompany customers and vendors and processing cross-company AR and AP transactions where the customer transaction automatically creates a corresponding AP transaction for the trading partner company code. These transactions are not populating the partner profit center as needed for the ECCS profit center consolidation.

Previously when posting cross-company transaction via the journal entry with non-reconciliation accounts. These automatically populated the partner profit center.

Any suggestions regarding how to get the partner profit center populated for the new reconciliation accounts for intercompany customers and vendors would be greatly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dan,

The recon account usually if im not mistaken treated as a balance sheet account. For a balance sheet account u cant maintain the cost element where u can the Cost Center under Default Account Assignment.

From the Cost Element u can go to OKB9 and assign the profit center from there.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry I was not more clear regarding this. The posting are made differently but the account where the partner profit center is needed is an expense account and is already included in the OBK9 and 3KEI configurations.

Any further suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Dan

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hi dan,

you can use subsitution may be on the basis of GL code or Docuement type.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Dan,

Please refer to the note 39254 section 3:

3. Customer billing document

   In the case of a cross-company customer billing document, the profit

   center is always deleted and redetermined. To redetermine the profit

   center, maintain and activate a substitution rule in Customizing for

   Profit Center Accounting (Transactions 0KEL and 0KEM). However, you

   may want the profit center to be copied from the order item. For

   more information, see Notes 106875 and 713228.

   In order to correctly determine the partner profit center for

   intercompany billing, up to and including Release 4.6C, you need to

   create a customer billing document (or create a customer credit

   memo) before an internal billing document. With Release 4.7, the

   "Profit center of the billing document" field was added again to the

   table for order items (VBAP-PCTRF), as part of a project solution.

   Therefore, you no longer need to adhere to the time-based sequence

   of creating an external customer billing document before an internal

   customer billing document, if the "Profit center of the billing

   document" field is already filled when creating the sales order. For

   more information, see Note 815972.

Related notes:

106875   Cross-company: Profit center for cust.billing doc.

39254    Profit Center - cross-company code sales

815972   Profit Center Accounting substitution with

I hope you find this information helpful.