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How to delete the reimbursement claim in the previous month for which payroll is already processed

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Dear SAP Experts,

Please help me to achieve the below scenario with a solution.

This is related to an advance claim ( Reimbursement process of Indian payroll):
The end user had maintained twice (duplicate entry) in Info type 267. Eg: Vehicle reimbursement/Medical reimbursement had run the off-cycle payroll in June 2023 and posted twice whereas, it should be one payment for the particular month.
However, they noticed the duplicate entry during the bank transfer and paid the employee only once.
Due to this duplicate entry recorder after the carry forward process using the Tcode PC00_M40_REMC, the balance appears as a negative amount. For Eg:Actual CalculationMonthsEligible amount per monthClaimedRemarksApril12501250 May12501250 June12501250+1250Claimed twice by mistakeJuly12501250 August12506250Total claimed amount As on August balance should be 0 but the system is considering as negative value as twice claimed-1250
We are unable to delete the payroll as we have already processed and posted for July, August and Sept. Kindly help me with a solution to streamline the process.Looking forward to a solution.

Thank you,Regards,Asha S

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