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How to Create UDF to ORDR table Using SDK ?

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Plz help Me..?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Private Sub AddUserField()

Dim oUserFieldsMD As SAPbobsCOM.UserFieldsMD

Set oUserFieldsMD = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(oUserFields)

oUserFieldsMD.TableName = "ORDR" '// Sales Order table

oUserFieldsMD.Name = "SO_UserField1"

oUserFieldsMD.Description = "A user field"

oUserFieldsMD.Type = db_Alpha '// am alphanumeric type

oUserFieldsMD.EditSize = 20


End Sub

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Dear all,

Just 2 additions to Bryan's answer:

  • No instance of any DI'sobject (except Company and UserFieldsMD) have to exists in the addon memory space while Bryan's code is executed,
  • Don't forget to call Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject for the oUserFieldsMD object before leaving the sub, else you're in trouble for the next calls.



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