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How to create Cost sheet

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hi Gurus

now i am in a learning stage of controlling.can any body help me in preparing a cost sheet.

and what is the relation of primary cost element, secondary cost element, cost centre and internal order.

with regards


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Answers (2)

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The first question is answered.

The second question concerning the relation between cost elements/cost centre/internal order has been asked and answered a several times by others.

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IA costing sheet consists of one or more of the following lines:

Base lines -

These contain the amount or quantity on which the overhead is calculated.

Calculation lines -

These contain the percentage rate to be applied to one or more base lines.

Totals lines -

These contain the sum of the base amount and calculated amounts.

Costing sheets are used in the following components:

Overhead Orders (CO-OM-OPA) and Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC), where they are used to calculate overhead

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), where they are used to calculate anticipated values

Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM), where they are used to calculate resource prices


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