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How to create a new special stock indicator

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Hello everyone.

Can someone plz. tell me how to create a new  SPECIAL STOCK indicator?  

The Special Stock Indicators like K  is used for consignment,  I want to create a new indicator copy from K, but I can't find how to do it.

Thanks in advance


Freddie Wang

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Answers (4)

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Hi Wang,

SAP does not recommend to create new Item Category. Also it is not allowed to change the charecteristics of Item categories. May I know why you want to go for new Special stock type?



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Sap doesn't allow to create a new stock type of item category.
As there are all types of stock and item category is already designed by SAP default.

I think its sufficient for business requirement.

If you explain your business process and requirement.

May be existing stock type or item category can fulfill your requirement.

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I have the same need , the business requirement is to have stock in warehouse for every copmpany department so if you need to know the stock in warehouse for operation department you can search by the special stock for operation
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Standard SAP does not recommends to create a stock type. if you take the path you can see the creation or copying of new item categories are restricted (SPRO - MM - Purchasing - define external representation of item categories) instead you can use the standard stock types.



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   You cant create new stock types in standard SAP. You may use the standard stock types.

The thread: already discussed the case.

   May I know why you want new stock types??