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How to consume the on one WBS element to a Prod Order created for other WBS

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Hi all,

We have 2 WBS elements, one for procurement and the other for Production. stock is procured against one WBS element and is consumed for a production order created for Other WBS element. Now the system is is throwing an error during backflushing of components for a production order as the components are not available on the WBS element to which the production order is created.

I understand there is one possibility in PS called " automatic requirement grouping' by which stock can be grouped

Pls explain how this is possible?

Thanks in advance.


Sravan Kumar V

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sarvan,

Automatic requirement grouping is indiator that is copied as a default value from the project profile.

One can change it in the control data of the project definition, when

creating a project.After you have saved the project, you cannot change it any longer.

This indicator basically determines whether automatic requirements grouping takes place on the Grouping WBS element for the whole project.

If the indicator is set, the top element of the corresponding work breakdown structure is deemed to be the Grouping WBS element, when you create the project definition. This applies as long as long as

you have not copied from a standard WBS, in which other settings have been made.

In this case there can only be one Grouping WBS element for each project definition; in this WBS element the field Grouping WBS element must have the value 1 (Grouping WBS element for all


If the indicator is not set, requirements grouping does not occur automatically.

In this case, individual WBS elements have to be assigned manually to Grouping WBS elements.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Plz refer below link...

Prerequisite to Requirement Grouping is Project has to be with valuated Stock.