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How to configure contact person for Business Partner through idocs


Good Afternoon Everybody,

We have currently an issue in a S/4 HANA system in which we want to manage vendors (Business partner) with contact person.

The vendors are coming from another SAP system (ECC6).

We are distributing CREMAS06 + ADRMAS (for supplier address part) + ADR3MAS for the contact person address.

We are using a serialization group and everything is customized in order to integrated idocs.

The issue that we are facing is the following one :

We send the CREMAS06 with E1KNVKM segment filled in order to create the contact person
We send also a ADR3MAS idoc for the address part of the contact person.

When idocs are integrated, the contact person is correctly created and attached to the business partner with good relationship (IS contact person for).

But the address (mail etc..) of the contact person is empty. It's mandatory to click on button "Assign company address", then we resend the ADR3MAS idoc and only then the mail address is updated.

We are not sure about the mapping done in ADR3MAS idoc :

In segment E1KNVKM of CREMAS => We fill a partner number PARNR (new number not used in the target system)

In ADR3MAS, we fill the following keys :

- OBJ_TYPE_P : "BUS1006001"

- OBJ_ID_P : same number as PARNR in E1KNVKM from CREMAS


- OBJ_ID_C : Business partner/ Supplier number

- CONTEXT : "0005"



Do you think that this informations are correctly filled in ?

Is there somewhere a place where all the fields of ADR3MAS are explained ? I don't uderstand really what is IV_CHECK_ADDRESS, IV_TIME_DEPENDANT_COMM_DATA. I can see also another field OBJ_ID_EXT in which we put nothing for the moment.

If you have some clues, it will be very helpful.

Thank you very much in advance,


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Dear Nicolas,

Unfortunately, it seems to be taking longer than usual for your question to be answered. You might want to try an alternative route to speed things up.

Please check if a similar question has already been asked in the Community. We have found that sometimes questions that have been answered before are no longer receiving responses.

The easiest way to do this, is to visit the All Questions page and search for your specific topic.

You could also check the SAP Support Portal and search for SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles and more.

If all of this doesn’t work, I would suggest that you create a support ticket. All you need to do is log onto the SAP Support Portal with your S-user ID and password: