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How to check MBFIRSTS

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Dear sir/madam,

My system has FI/MM posting variance. I executed note 32236, run the MBFIRSTS report. But I am not able to do any analysis by the report. Can anyone figures out why my FI/MM has variance? Or any guide to find out the root cause? I hope someone here can help me, thanks in advance!

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Answers (2)

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I cannot see an evidence for a FI/MM variance in your attached screen shots.

if you get any system message, then you should tell which one.

differences between MM/FI are usually brought to light in MB5L report, and here you can find many discussions if you seach with: MB5L Difference

However, the usual answer is that some manual postings have been made to the FI account.

And this in turn means you have to analyse all FI postings if there is one or many which were not triggered by MM postings

You should give an proof for your difference

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Hi all;

You can analyze this issue in more depth, I would like to ask you to, please, do the following:

1.- Import the check reports from the attached note 32236 into your Productive System.

Check for the required tables MMINKON and MMINKON_UP and import them if necessary (as explained in the note).

Please, notice that this note 32236 has been recently updated, as all the check reports have been updated and improved. Therefore, if the check reports are already present in your system, Please, make sure that the current version implemented in your system is'Version 00021'.

As explained in the note, you can do so by starting the report MBFIRST for a Company Code.

The version will be the first thing displayed in the list output (on thetop line, in a different colour). If this is not the case, that would mean that you have an earlier version and the update to the latest

version would be requiered.


              OTHER REPORT FROM NOTE 32236 ON YOUR OWN  **

Go to SAP Service , contact with them.

Also, Can you check MB5K report for stock inconsistency ?


M.Ozgur Unal

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I tried to search the related posts, but still don't have any ideas. Hope that any experts can kindly help me, thanks load.