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How to check 2 chief positions from the current Org unit

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Hi All,

How to check that there are at least 2 Chief Positions (positions with A012 relationship to Org unit) available above the current position or org unit. The second chief level position should not be above the second level from top in the enterprise.

Is there any function module to get the chief? If I use the function module RH_STRUC_GET by passing the current position values Otype as u2018S, Objid as position id, Wegid as u2018A012u2019 and depth value as 3 or 2. Shall I get the all the chief positions?

Can I use any loop condition to get the chiefs?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chandu,

Definitely you can use RH_STRUC_GET function.

I don't think that you need any LOOP condition.



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