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how to calculate taxes in purchase register

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Hi all,

i want to calculate taxes in purchase register for that

i use function module 'calculate_tax_item' but it calculates

tax on po . i want taxes should calculate as per miro

means it should be calculated on basic amount.



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Answers (1)

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i dont know whether there is any function module available of no.. but u can get it from FI tables... link is from MIRO u can get the invoice no.. go to BKPF table in that there is a AWKEY filed is there put the MIRO No + Miro Year in that..u can use a select single .. from that u get the FI document .... field is BELNR.. then go to BSET table.. it contain the duty amount put that FI document number , FI year and Compny code and also put Debit/credit indicator as S.. u will list of records with duty.. from that HWBAS is he duty amount field and there is one percentage field.. if it is 12 % in that field its look like 120 as a multiple of 10. Note this BSET will only be populated if there is any tax involved.. other wise it will be empty(ofcourse it cointian the whole accessable value amount).. i think it will help u..


Maneesh Chandran