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How to block material from definite bin?

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I have one question about material blocking.

Now I will try to explain my situation and my wishes:

When I want to block some material usually I use MB1B (transfer posting) transaction, but here is one nuance:

I use the 344 movement type (from unrestricted use to block stock).

But in this case I can not specify the bin, from which I would like take this material and move it to the block stock.

For example:

1. I have some different bins at my warehouse: 01-01-01, 01-01-02, 01-01-03, 01-01-04 and so on.

2. I have 1 pc. of defective material.

3. I know, that this 1 pc. located at 01-01-02 bin.

4. Now I want to block this defective material: I open the MB1B, input the material number, quantity,then enter + save and done!

But in this case there was no field to put the 01-01-02 bin where is located my defective material.

I'm not sure, but I think, that SAP chose some different bin and moved this item to block stock...

Maybe there's some other transaction where I could specify the wishful bin?

Unfortunately I know only MB1B and MIGO transactions for blocking, but there is no such option.

Thank You in advance and sorry for my english! I hope, that my question is understandable

If you can't understand my problem, I will add some example pictures for a better understanding the problem

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MB1B is at storage location level only. Based on the Transfer Request / Transfer Order created from MB1B, further goods movement with reference to warehouse can be done.