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How to apply shipping costs to an Inventory Transfer in SAP Business One?

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We have a warehouse location in Taiwan and we are shipping our own product from it to our warehouse in the USA. It is not a simple -5,000 items from Taiwan and +5,000 items in the US. Somehow we need to account for the shipping cost from Taiwan to the USA in our per unit cost in our inventory in the USA. The SAP method of Inventory Transfer does not include the extra cost of shipping from one warehouse to another. Anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.

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Thank you all for your quick responses. When Inventory is Revalued as some are suggesting, what GL accounts should be used. I assume one side is a debit to the asset Inventory.

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Do you maintain the US & Taiwan warehouse in the same database.

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Yes, we maintain the items in one inventory database but use two separate warehouse codes.