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How to alert that a purchase requisition is now an approved purchase order

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I would like to setup that when a purchase requisition is gone through all approvals and now is a purchase order an alert for the buyer to place the order.  Can you tell me the best way to accomplish this task?

Thank you in advance,


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There are multiple ways.

1. Create an alert on a custom query that looks for all open Purchase Orders and alerts the buyer or who ever you want to be alerted when a purchase order is entered.  I would recommend either using the Approved check box on the Logistics tab or creating a UDF to mark the Purchase Order as handled.  (This really means we don't want the alert to keep reminding us of that specific Purchase Order.

SELECT T0.[DocNum] AS 'Document Number', T0.[CardName] AS 'Customer/Vendor Name', T0.[DocDueDate] AS 'Due Date' FROM  [dbo].[OPOR] T0  WHERE T0.[DocStatus] = (N'O' )  AND  T0.[Confirmed] = (N'N' )

(If you go with the above, i recommend you change the Document Settings for Purchase Orders to deselect "Purchase Order Approved" to default the Approved checkbox in the Purchase Order)

2. A little more effort, and a bit more technical, if you are running B1i, you could create a scenario that would trigger on Purchase Orders creation and create an Alert.  ( There is an example scenario step in one of the B1RFQ packages).  WARNING: Not an easy task. 

3. As always, when all else fales, Custom Development through the SDK.

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I know its like a year later, but we recently (2 months ago) moved onto SAP Business One and this was also one of the business requirements

I hacked together a script that I run off sqlagent every 5 minutes to email people on a distribution list with the results in html format.

It's not perfect but it does the job for now.

It basically emails whenever a particular stage is approved of the PQ.

It sort of get around the issue of not being able to email outside of the organization and also the requirement that the user must be logged into SAP to receive the Alert.

Am I allowed to post it here so that it can be improved or is it against SAP rules.

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Hi Fred,

If you set up an approval procedure for purchase quotation and set the messages and alert settings in the system administration , the alerts for approving and converting the draft into documents will automatically come for authorizerand the originator. there is no need to set up an alert for this.

Later on you can list these quotations through alert query so user will punch orders in the sysems accordingly.

Thanking you


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I have not ever seen the purchase requisition in SAP B1.

There are purchase quotation, purchase order, good receipt PO, purchase invoice, purchase credit memo in A/P purchase module.

Are you asking an alert for purchase requisition addon ?

If you are asking an alert for purchase quotation of SAP B1, you can use approval template and automatically there will be an alert for approval request and alert for approved purchase quotation.

The approval request alert goes to assigned user to approve. The approved purchase quotation goes to document originator.  The alert is automatically from the system and you do not need to customize alert or using alert management.

If you need an alert for the originator where it is just to remind the originator that there are some pending approval requests, you can use approval report standard of SAP b1.