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How to add item text or Material PO Text in Custom PO Form (S4HANA Public cloud)

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Hi SAP experts,

I'm want to create custom PO Form but I can't add data of PO Line fields item text or Material PO Text in to custom PO because input data text from PR and then converted to PO. Data in PO is temporary can't show information results in PO form. In addition to having to edit information in PO again. The information will be displayed.

Does anyone have a way to get the text (item text or Material PO Text) to display in the PO form?

Thank you so much for the help.

Best Regards


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello pawanisa.

How are you? I have excluded the Tag "SAP S/4HANA Cloud" and included the Tag "SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility" for this question, as Custom Forms are related to Extensibility.


Juliano Romanato.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Pawanisa,

Could you provide a few more details, maybe some screenshots, as it is not clear what issue you are describing?

Are you starting with the Standard form (MM_PUR_PURCHASE_ORDER_E.xdp)?

There is the description field already there - is that the field you want to populate? the value is governed by a script:

this.rawValue = Form.bdyMain.frmTableBlock.tblRemarkRowTable.rowItem.tblInnerTable.rowItem.frmHiddenDescription.txtDescription.rawValue;
if ((not Form.bdyMain.frmTableBlock.tblRemarkRowTable.rowItem.tblInnerTable.rowItem.frmHiddenDescription.txtServicePerfomer.isNull) &
not (Form.bdyMain.frmTableBlock.tblRemarkRowTable.rowItem.tblInnerTable.rowItem.frmHiddenDescription.txtServicePerfomer.rawValue == ""))
this.rawValue = Concat(Form.bdyMain.frmTableBlock.tblRemarkRowTable.rowItem.tblInnerTable.rowItem.frmHiddenDescription.txtDescription.rawValue,
" - ",
I'm also not clear what you mean by temporary? Can you delay the printing until the data is available?Maybe in Output Parameter Determination set the immediate output to Scheduled.Or add additional logic fields to modify when the output is sent

i hope this helps

Thank you


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Hi Jerry,

for detail, when I had convert PR to PO and create new PO, it's unable to get current value of field Item Text and Material PO Text ( it return blank value although those field have value ) to show in custom PO Form, my current solutions is manage new PO and edit some value of those 2 field and save after that it will enable to show current value of those field in custom PO Form

could you please help sharing a solution for this case


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Chanarat,

Are you converting a PR to a PO and additionally creating a new PO?

so there are two POs or just the one converted one?

Are those field maintained on the PR?

Which apps are you using? Process Purchase Requisitions (V2)?

Lastly, is this related to the app or the output form? seems more a question of the app and data not the form itself.

The form itself already seems to have the texts in the data set (checking the adobe livecycle designer)