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How SAP Business one will return the required components based on a Production Order

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Dear All,

I have a client that use Production Order for a Finished Goods of a quantity of 100 and at the end they only produce a quantity of 90. How do we go about returning the Component items that make up the Finished Goods of the remianing 10 that was not used?

Hope to get your response.

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If the production order is open, then you have two options.

Option number One 

1. Open receipt from production form

2. Click on the button, return components. System will display list of all open production orders

3. Select the appropriate production order and components

4. Enter the quantity of components to return

5. Pass GI for excess FG produced.

Option Number Two

1. Create a new production order of type disassembly

2. Refer old production order for reference

3. Record normal issue and receipt documents like you do for standard production order

4. SAP will receive the raw material back into SAP and consume excess FG produced.

Hope this will help you.


This way you can take back the excess components used.