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How Revenue Recognition value calculate in VF45 for an item

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Hello Experts,

I want to know how system calculates Revenue Recognition for any item in VF45. I know the configuration part of Revenue Recognition but want to know the calculation part, how calculation going to find out the vale of the Revenue recognition.

Item net price is 3139255.45 and system calculate Revenue recognition for this item is  3139020.94.

I want to know how calculation going for Revenue recognition.

Can any body help me out ? any link /document related to Revenue Recognition Calculation (not configuration)  please share with me.


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Can anybody help me out on below ??


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Hello Prasanth,

For example :- Maintaining an annual Price  ZPRC - 1200  and Billing plan is Annual

So, while recognising SAP takes 1200 / 365(Number of days) =  3.287 per day

For jan - 31 days - 31*3.287 =101.91

For feb - 28 days - 28*3.287 = 92.05

Thank you for your time.