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HOW: purchasing info record price + markup in % = sales price

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Dear all,

at the moment I’m looking for a solution of the following problem:

We will create a special sales document type for selling spare parts.

The sales price for the spare parts has to be the price from the purchasing info record + always 25% markup.

How could I realize that the sales price is price from purchasing info record + always 25% markup.

(We want to avoid that we have to change the sales condition records manually, if purchase price is changing)

Thank you very much for your help.

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Answers (1)

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How system should function if you have different vendor for the same material?   Nevertheless, with the standard configuration, it is not possible to achieve.  Create a routine in VOFM where you need to add the logic in such a way that the code to read the EINA table and fetch the info record price and further to add the markup percent.  This routine should be assigned in your pricing procedure.

G. Lakshmipathi