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How create automatic inspection lot and stock posted from unrestricted stock mode to Quality stock for Expired batches.

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I have tried through QA07 entering material and plant and batching, Maintained Initial run in Radio button lot creation only

In material master maintain 09 inspection type.

In MMSC maintain – next inspection date then executed.

System generates inspection lot, but stock does not moved to Quality stock it is showing unrestricted in MMBE

  We required stock movement from unrestricted to quality also along inspection lot creation. Could anyone suggest to me how rectify this issue


gvd cnti

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While execute tcode QA07, Under Additional goods mov. at the time of recurring inspection -> Select radio button as - To inspection stock at lot creation.

If you choose this option, batches whose next inspection date lies within the opening period, are posted from the unrestricted-use stock to the inspection stock. At this transfer posting, a new inspection lot is created for each storage location.

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my exact requirement is we have procured raw material and maintain shelf life data also in material master and and at the GR time system allocated expired date automatically

ex: martial manufactured date maintained at the time of GR date 01.01.2013,based on shelf life data system has proposed batch expire date is 13.04.2013. so i need do quality check befor2days and generate the inspection lot and stock post to from unrestricted to quality then go for UD.

i have executed QA07  enter the material and plant and batch, select the radio button : To inspect stock at lot creation, then executed system given message like this

No batches have been found for processing

System has not generate inspection lot and stock is ahown in unrestricted

could you guide me in this issue



inspection lot is generated but stock is not posting to quality is shown in unrestricted.

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For recurring inspection sap give two functionality depends upon next inspection and expired date.

When you maintain intial run day in " Additional good movement at the time of lot creation" and chose the respective action then from current date,, next inspection dated comes under initial run day then respective action would take place.

and if Expiration date is comes under run days then batch will move to either block or resticted status(if batch status management is active)

So according to your requirement you have to  maintain the you inspection interval in a way that multiple of that(inspection interval) must be two day short of expiration date.

ex. if you receive material on 1.04.2013 and shelf life date is 30 days then expiration date is 1.05.2013 then maintain inspection interval 7 days if you want multiple inspection between that period because according to next interval dates are


so last one is two day short of expiration date.

If multiple inspections are not required then maintain next interval 28 day and shelf life 30 day and maintain intial run day 2 day in QA07 . if current date+initial run day comes under next interval date then automatic lot will be created if option "to inspection at lot creation" is selected.


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Have you maintained the next inspection date in MSC2n?  The MMSC transaction is part of storage location management I believe.  It has nothing to do with the QA07 program and no impact.

You must maintain an inspection interval in the plant QM view of the material to have the next inspection date in MSC2n calculated automatically.  Without a "next inspection date" in the batch record, no 09 inspection lots will be generated.

From your information, if you have a one year expiration date, you would set your shelf life date to 365 and your inspection interval to 363.  Your inspection date will then be 2 days before your expiration date.

When the UD is made, the next inspection date is recalculated.

Look at using user exit

  QEVA0003 Calculate "Next inspection date" for batch                 

to incorporate your own logic at the time of the UD for the 09 it recalculate the next inspection date and expiration date based on your own company's requirements.


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In QA07, have you selected To Insp. Stock at lot creation?

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Hi maheswaran

thanks for ur reply , yes tried with To Insp. Stock at lot creation aslo , nothing same result.


gvd cht

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What is the message you are getting while executing QA07??

Attach some supporting information like screen shot of that.

Some important hints:

  1. Before the batch is created, Inspection Interval & 09 Inspection type should have been activated
  2. For that batch, next Inspection date should have been updated.
  3. Based on that, from QA07 Inspection lot will be created by posting stock to Quality.

If you have done these already, please update the details which you are getting while executing QA07.