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How common is a client copy from PRD to QAS and DEV to refresh the data?

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Hi all,

I am having the following issue on our SAP system. I recently made a client copy from our PRD system to our QAS system using the copy profile SAP_ALL and according to the remote client copy log this action was successfully made. But then, when functional consultants start working on some report they are developing, noticed that all the information of some table "KONP" was missing, when enter the "condition type" "ZMRP"" it gives "No Values Found", whereas 515 values are still there and same table in PRD has 6500 values and therefore we can not make the proper tests to this new report.

The thing here is that I do not know why the information of these tables developed by our consultants was not copied during the remote client copy and only the table structure was copied to QAS.

So the question here is how can I Copy just single table so its all data is pulled.
Can I use scc9n and select below option with table name and package name.
Will it work find or I have to chose some other option.

SAP environment S4 Hana 2020

I hope that somebody please help.

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The table KONP belongs to Delivery class A and such table data is only copied if it is explicitly mentioned during client copy.

For now, you can add the table data into a TR in Production and release the TR (assuming you have shared /usr/sap/trans directory structure across the landscape) add the TR into import queue of QAS environment and import it.