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How can you move QI Stock from a Sloc to SLoc in the same plant w/o performing Inspection.

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I was wondering if it was possible to move QI Stock from Storage Loc to another Storage Loc in the same plant? We need to Inspection Material as it arrives to our Production facility but, first it has to go through a Warehouse before sending it to the final Production Plant. Both the Warehouse and and Manufacturing plaint share the same plant code. Is it possible to bypass Inspection at the warehouse before going to the production Facility? Or is is possible to transfer the QI stock without performing Inspection Lot at the Warehouse? The other problem is we inspect differently at both locations. The Warehouse is just a simple visual inspection but the Manufacturing Plant is a more detailed inspection. There will have to be 2 different plans, therefore, causing issue with auto release of the Inspection Lot since the Material is on 2 different plans with in the same plant code.

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Hello Darrin,

In case you want to make an independent decision on your Stock arrving at the GR warehouseand the factory you might need to use two different inspection lots and inspection plans like mentioned by Nihal.

If a simple results recording in the Warehouse without usage decision is suificient and suitable for you, you can indeed transfer the total amount of your inspection lot at once from GR Warehosue to the factory as mentioned by Herman. You might use then a regular 01 inspection lot with different operations (per location) and have one final decision at the end.



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Hi Darrin,

When the inspection lot is triggered for the storage location of your warehouse then you can use transaction QAC2 to convert your inspection lot to the storage location of your factory. Note this transaction also moves the material. Then you can execute your inspection in your factory storage location.

greetings, Herman

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It is possible to skip inspection at the receiving warehouse via user exit. There is no other standard solution available for this.

Later when tou transfer the materials from warehouse sloc to production sloc, you can teigger a 08 inspection.