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How can I lock a CO posting period by Ledger using OKP1?



Is it possible to lock a CO period only for a specific Ledger? I can see that in tcode OKP1 (table KPAS) there is no field for Ledger.

Is there an enhacement or workaround to be able to lock a period for an specific ledger?

Best Regards.

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Hi Alex,

I believe it is not possible, because even if you have a Parallel COGM setup with multiple CO versions for the actual cost, the logic of postings for them is based on the delta postings (hence delta versions). Means that a ledger specific values would be a result of version 0 + the delta version. If the version 0 is blocked there will be no correct values anywhere. If the delta version is blocked you will get same figures as in the version 0.